It’s just life.

It scares me sometimes to think about other people’s lives. The fact that they can think in a completely different way, see different things, have different opinions. Of course, it all sounds incredibly self-centred and self-absorbed, but if I were to be honest, the thing I find the most weird is that about 99.99999% of the population have no idea who I am or that I exist. In the same way I have no idea that they exist. They are only a number or a stereotype formed in my mind, living on a different world to me with a different “I”, “Me” and “Mine”. Their world revolves around them. Your world revolves around you. My world revolves around me.

I know, I know, some people would argue that charity workers or doctors or nurses or whatever live to help others. But why? So that they can get a kick out of it? So that they can feel like a good person? So that they can know they‘ve done something worthwhile or interesting? Nobody ever truly lives (or dies) for someone else.

And I guess that’s not a bad thing. It’s natural and rational and it’s never going to change. It’s just life.


One thought on “It’s just life.

  1. I would humbly suggest that there are also an amazing number of people walking around who are not all so terminally self-absorbed as all that. We know what we can know (physically), then what we have been conditioned to know, then what our conditioned habits secondarily lead us to know. Beneath it all, it seems to be limited only by sense experiences, and even then, limited just to what we notice out of all of it.

    Suppose you cheerfully included your “self” in the “just life” instead of reluctantly throwing it in at the end ? Supposed you (and I) and everyone were all equally just life, and this did not feel like a problem ? How would that be ?


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