You don’t exist.

I was brought to the attention of a YouTube video by Vsauce about the mind and, among other things, a term familiar to some called Solipsism. This, he explained, is an idea in which only your mind exists and without it everything around you – the trees, the stars, other people – would never live independently. There has been nothing before you, nor will there be anything after.

This idea links nicely into my most recent post, and it really made me think hard. Could this theory be correct? Why not? It puzzled me as a child to think that you could be asleep, dead or possibly even mentally ill and just have created an elaborate place around yourself, in which your friends and family were just characters from the mind. Or perhaps a dream? One of those dreams in which years seem to past, yet you wake to find it has been only 5 minutes.

Then I came to think that if so, now what? Pinching, slapping, screaming clearly won’t work because we’ve all done that throughout our lives. And should anything actually be done about it? Is there any good in us knowing the truth? Obviously, if us humans thought like that then science, philosophy, geography, and almost every other subject would never have come about and life would be pretty dull. Still, this is certainly a question with no possible answer, because if we did know the answer would we still know the question? Bahh, It’s starting to sound a bit too much like Douglas Adams now and my brain is all tangled again.

I think it’s time to stop.


3 thoughts on “You don’t exist.

  1. Hahaha this is trippy. I’ve heard of this before. And I still ponder about it. Even if Solipsism is true, the ideas and world that we’ve created in our minds is so complex and vivid that all you can do is be fascinated. No matter how all of this came to be, there’s an opportunity to be fascinated.

  2. There may be another possible course of action: step back from the dream world, do not invest it with so much belief energy, and what how experience gets lighter, freer, more at ease. This has been my experience so far.


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