Social media

Ah the wonders of the modern world, I think as I simultaneously blog on WordPress and scroll through my Facebook news feed, listening to a science show on YouTube whilst flicking back and forth to my Twitter page.

Social media is…exciting. I certainly get a rush out of being able to read blogs about the very same things that are on my mind, or learn The Science of Hangovers ( in under three-and-a-half minutes. It’s hard to imagine a life without Facebook to make arrangements and keep up with friends, or without Twitter to read Atheist rants, yet the enjoyment of finding something brilliant still remains with me everyday.

Social media is more than a tool. It consists of millions of people’s buzzing minds, connecting and relating to each other through the tap of a few keys. Sure, half of it is taken up with clips of cats falling into toilets backwards, but even that is an incredible feat of human design.

It’s like a waterhole for the thirsty brains, which never dries up. We take in all this information but there is still a world of knowledge out there, waiting to be watched or read or blogged. There are things you didn’t even know you loved, waiting to be discovered. And you can see from events such as the Arab Spring, the 2011 English Riots and, more recently, the uncovering of the horrors in Turkey, that social media has an incomparable effect on the modern world – whether it be for the better or for the worse.


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