Hack Off

Of course, 2013: The Year of Surveillance. Stories of hacking, spying and cheeky PRISM operations became so abundant that most people no longer give a toss to whether they’re being watched or not. Naturally, this raises the question of whether we should care.

Obviously, this loss of freedom means that our fates are literally at the fingertips of the government – a quick check on the database, a swift seek for approval, and we could have a drone sent first-class to our doorstep in a matter of minutes. But that’s taking it a bit to the extreme, surely? The worst most of us will get from this recent surge in public snooping technology is an advert for some conveniently suited takeaway place on our Facebook sidebar, or an e-mail about an upholsterer for that broken chair that you’ve been Googling all day long. I’m sorry to admit it, but out of the 7Billion+ people on this planet, you’re not going to always be at the centre of attention. And it’s unlikely to be a governmental uprising and overthrowing of the common people any time soon. So, yeah: if I were you, I’d stop worrying. 

Really, I don’t know what all the fuss is about.